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Posted by Tom Frost on August 30, 2019
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10 Reasons you should be buying a boat!


Being a boat owner comes with many perks. Here are our top ten of the best reasons you should be buying a boat:

  1. Travel Options –

    Owning and having a boat is the ultimate in travel and is obviously the first of our 10 reasons you should be buying a boat. You have the option to go anywhere and you’re not limited to where you stay. Drop anchor in a bay that turns out to be a bit dodgy? Pick it back up and do a shifty round the bend. The next gem is just waiting to be discovered.

  2. No Neighbours –

    On a boat, there are no neighbours, except for those you choose to take with you! While throwing them overboard is not a great solution, be reasonable you brought them along! For those pesky and noisy neighbours outside, just pick up anchor and leave. Ah, the serenity!

  3. Complete Getaway –

    Going places on land you are almost always going to be close to something, hearing the signs of life at every step, honking car horns, general traffic sounds and short of parachuting into the Amazon Rainforest, a boat will get you away from all of that. You can sit back and relax, having to deal with nothing more than the gentle slapping of waves against the hull.

  4. Close Comradery –

    In general, boaties love other boaties. While there may be a little friction between power and sail boaties, generally everything is good. The social aspect of getting together in an empty bay for a massive private BBQ is what drives many to the water; if that’s not your thing, well a simple nod in the marina is perfectly acceptable.

  5. Perfect Family Holiday –

    Kids love the water! Get them away from their buzzing and bright phones or gaming consoles for a weekend or two and it will show them that there is more to life than finding out what so and so is doing. It also gives them a great answer, so what did you do this weekend?

  6. Perfect Holiday Alone –

    It’s not just for families, boating is a fantastic holiday that you can go on alone. The need to get away from everything and destress your life. Being on a boat allows you to simply forget all the things that are driving you crazy. No TV, no internet, nothing but the wind, and maybe the occasional salty bath. It’s perfection.

  7. Exploration Possibilities –

    Being out on the water can give you a sense of discovering things for the first time. You are able to reach locations that are not visited by many others, even areas that may be considered close to home. There are beaches that you cannot get to by any other means than your own boat.

  8. Absolute Relaxation –

    There is a certain sense of peace that comes with owning a boat and sailing it out on the open ocean. Everything else falls to the wayside, and there is nothing but you and those that you care about the most. Or even if it is just laying back on the deck, sipping a cold one while the sun goes down over the water. It is utter perfection.

  9. Safer than Most Holidays –

    When it comes to boating there is such a minute chance of being seriously injured, especially when compared to other holidays. Driving eight hours in a car to get to a good beach? Forget about it. It’ll take three days of beach chilling to get over the drive! With boating half the fun is the sail to get you to the good spot.

  10. Total Bragging Rights –

    Everyone loves the person with the boat. Want 100% turnout to your next party? With a boat that’s going to happen. You’ll become everyone’s best mate. Your only problem will be how to collect a cover charge.

So there you have it, our top ten reasons you should be buying a boat, this scratches the surface of what boating has to offer, friendship, memories and a hobby for life. Call us today, we will have a quick chat and find out the right style of boat for you and your needs, from there we will find you the perfect vessel to suit you!

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